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Our Story

In 2014, six friends from Minnesota randomly moved to Hawai'i for a year to escape cold winters and enjoy island life. On Sunday nights they ate pancakes and studied the Bible together. They began inviting friends and people off the streets of Waikiki and this “Pancake Night” accidentally turned into the beginnings of a church.


In 2008, Brady, one of the six, sensed God calling him to be a pastor while attending a Bible camp. Brady didn’t want to be a pastor, but couldn’t forget this call no matter how hard he tried.


Calling met opportunity for Brady when “Pancake Night” grew and God gave him the vision for this church. This is when God began to change his heart to accept the call to be a pastor and to start the Waikiki Beach Gathering.


In 2016, Brady moved back to Oahu and planted this new church with a few friends meeting at a picnic table in the Kapiolani Park section of Waikiki Beach.


The Gathering has grown since the picnic table days through the help of many mission-minded helpers and leaders. We thank and praise God for how he has blessed our ministry and we are excited for what’s to come. This is only the beginning!


Lead Pastor
Brady Arneson

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Brady loves the Gathering and the people of Hawai'i. He is passionate about sharing the simple gospel of Jesus through being real and relaxed. He desires to push Christians out of their comfort zones and challenge Christian cultural norms. He enjoys surfing south shore with friends and cliff jumping waterfall hikes. Brady plays drums on the worship team and plays in the Honolulu Baseball League. He also works at The Modern Honolulu and Sheraton Waikiki hotels. You may see Brady walking around Waikiki with his wife Bethany. Say hi!


Brady has graduated from the Free Lutheran Bible College with a Certificate in Biblical Studies, the University of Northwestern with a Bachelor's in Electronic Media Communication and Business Administration, and Liberty University with a Master's of Divinity in Christian Leadership and Church Ministries.


Associate Pastor
John German

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John came to Hawaii in 2018 and was stationed at Hickam AFB as a Radio Frequency Technician. He joined The Gathering in 2020 as the Sound Team Leader and decided to stay on the island to continue to serve the church and the people. He has a deep desire to see Christians grow deeper in their faith and to truly live out their lives for Jesus. He enjoys trail running and getting into the ocean to dive. John loves to bring people together to hangout and learn about Jesus. If you have questions, prayer requests, or spiritual care needs, feel free to email John at

John has graduated from American Military University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Pacific Rim Christian University with a Master's of Christian Studies.

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Leadership Team Member
Steven "Petey" Peterson

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Petey is one of the original six friends that moved to Hawaii together in 2014. He has a passion for youth ministry and discipleship with men. He uses his tenacious work ethic on the Setup Team and he is a stable force of wisdom and guidance in Biblical truth. Petey loves playing basketball and grilling meat for people. He works construction for Anchor Systems Hawaii and hauls the Gathering trailer on Sundays. Honk if you see him driving by!


Petey has graduated from the Free Lutheran Bible College with a Certificate in Biblical Studies, the Ministry Training Institute with a Certificate in Youth Ministry, and attended Crown College for Youth Ministry. 

Treasurer & Secretary
Natasha Ordóñez

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Natasha first visited the gathering in 2017 and moved to Hawaii to serve WBG in 2021. She enjoys surfing, hiking and shooting film all over the islands. You will see her every Saturday at the farmers markets! Natasha's passion is to see people grow closer to Jesus through intentional relationships and discipleship. Natasha serves as the Treasurer and Secretary for WBG.


Natasha graduated from the Free Lutheran Bible College with a certificate in Biblical Studies. She is enrolled at Liberty University pursuing a bachelors in Business Administration with a cognate in Communications.

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