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Church on da Beach


What to Expect:


The Gathering has a very relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself.

There’s no need to dress up, come as you are! 


As you walk towards our location at the beach you’ll see our logo tents, “church on da beach" signs, and 130 beach chairs in a rainbow formation. We are on the ocean side of Kalakaua Avenue between the Barefoot Beach Cafe and Waikiki Aquarium, under a big banyan tree, across the street from the outdoor weight room, tennis courts, and bathrooms.


We’ll welcome you and talk story! You can scan the QR code with your phone to access our online bulletin.

Feel free to grab a water bottle and snacks before taking a seat. The gathering starts at 4PM.

Our gathering together includes three simple parts.


  1. First, we sing songs together praising Jesus through music.
    Our worship team includes instruments like guitars, keyboards, and drums.

  2. Next is our prayer and share time where someone from the Gathering shares a short story of how Jesus has been working in their lives lately.

  3. And last is a message from the Bible that we can apply to our lives today.


Afterwards we hang out eating snacks, playing games, and talking story til sunset!

Sunday Gatherings


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